Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

About Us

My name is Andrew and I love learning about diverse types of food recipes. It is important that vegans don’t feel left out just because they don’t eat meat. There are still recipes that are tasty and don’t require meat.  I’m not a vegan but I know how it feels to not eat meat for a while. Vegans should know the options of delicious foods that don’t go against their lifestyle.

My mission is to provide hearty vegan recipes that are delicious for whoever you are. Just because you may be vegan doesn’t mean that you should spend more money, time, energy, or resources than meat eaters.

The origins of this website originated when I went on a fast in the Lent season and gave up eating meat. Much of that season, my energy felt drained before my mother started making hearty dishes that didn’t need meat but were still delicious. Therefore, that is why I would like to provide good recipes for those who aren’t meat eaters whether it’s for a season or a lifetime. Everybody deserves the chance to eat delicious food.